DYTAN Composite Mast Base Joint (Patent Application Numbers: GB1415339.9; PCT/IB2015/056278) is a new addition to the family of windsurfing UJs aiming for assisting sailors to perform better in races and freestyle displays. The unique feature of DYTAN composite mast base joint is its synthesis of high tensional and lateral stiffness, low bending stiffness and good shock absorption, which the other types of mast base joints do not possess simultaneously. The main reason for its being able to have these characteristics lies in the composite nature of its construction. This feature enables DYTAN composite mast base joint to give excellent performances on a variety of sailboard classes and in a wide range of wind conditions and wave states.

A new design for DYTAN composite mast base joint has been completed recently. Unlike its compact model before, the new DYTAN composite mast base joint will be assembled from several functional parts to facilitate its better usability and maintainability.


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