DYTAN Ltd conducts technology research and product developments in the area of composite structures and their applications.

DYTAN Composite Mast Base Joint (Patent Application Numbers: GB1415339.9; PCT/IB2015/056278; EP15771257.1) is developed based on the design principles for composite structures, with which a better and unique set of performance characteristics is achieved for a structure by combining effectively the advantageous properties of several materials that otherwise cannot be attained if the structure is constructed from a single material.

Our visits to various sailing clubs give us the opportunity to appreciate the enthusiasm of sailors who enjoy windsurfing sports so much that they try very hard to exhaust the capacities of their kits for better racing results. This experience has inspired us in the course of the development of DYTAN Composite Mast Base Joint. We hope that this new product will be beneficial to the windsurfing community in the future.


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